Daily Van Insurance

Cheap Daily Van Insurance

Do you need to insure your van on a temporary basis? With daily van insurance you can cover yourself to drive a van with cover from just 1 day to anywhere up to 28 days of coverage.

Depending on the insurer you can get third party, fire and theft, fully comprehensive or business insurance if you are going to use the van for business purposes. You can get coverage from 21 years of age and it will only take a matter of minutes to fill in the online quote form to get instant drive away cheap daily van insurance cover. It is a great way to get insurance for occasional use or for adding a temporary driver. Once your payment has been made you can print of your documentation to take with you. It is a fast and effective way to get short term insurance at any time of the day or night.

Cheaper temp van insurance

The cost of a temporary policy does vary between insurers and varies greatly depending on your particular circumstances. There are no price comparison sites for daily van insurance so the only way to compare quotes is to visit each insurer separately.

Day insurance tends to be priced on a sliding scale so the first few days of coverage tends to be much more expensive than consecutive days after that. So if you are considering insurance it is better to take the policy out for longer rather than just a few days only to take out another policy a few days later.

Some of the factors that will affect how cheap a day van insurance policy will be include the age of the driver, it costs more for younger driver. Driver history, if you have any convictions or previous claims as well as the value and insurance group of the van.

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